Comparing SELF EXPRESSION Boxes to other Subscription Boxes

Compared to other subscription services:

I don't know of any other alternative subscription boxes out there that offer clothing in addition to accessories, jewelry and makeup specifically designed for various subcultures, so for this comparison's sake, we are comparing prices to a couple other PLUS SIZE monthly clothing options. Even though, we offer sizes xxs-xxxL and a lot of flexibility in sizing because we hand select items based on the measurements you give us and compare those to the measurements of different retailers we wholesale from. 

Unlike many subscription boxes, we don't get items donated to us for free. We buy all the items in our boxes wholesale to ensure the quality and consistency and pass the savings onto our customers by charging the flat box rate of $100 (including shipping worldwide!) even though the retail value and the cost to get the items anywhere else is at least double that, sometimes way more. With our surveys, we get your measurements and details about what style of clothing, accessories, jewelry and makeup you like and will actually wear and use. 

 Gwynnie Bee (sizes 10-32) is $95/month after a free month trial (for three garments at a time — kinda like how Netflix used to send out DVDs). You don't get to keep the clothes, but you can borrow 3 items at a time and get as many as you want in a month (minus wait times) but you have to send them back. So this option is already more expensive than B!tch Boxes and you don't even get to keep the clothes. With Gwynnie Bee, you do get to pick the clothing out though. 

DIA & CO charges a $20 styling fee per box and you have the option of keeping the clothes or not for an additional charge per item. According to several reviews online, keeping all of the items in your box can run you anywhere from $250-500. Did &Co. is sizes 14-32. You fill out a pretty extensive survey about your likes and dislikes regarding colors, prints, and cuts, and you can also provide your social media accounts so they can see you and theoretically get a look at your style, assuming you post lots of selfies. 

Plvsh runs from size 14-28. Like DIA&CO. they charge a styling fee of $25. If you keep all the items in your box, it can run you up to $500. They also place a hold on your account for $500 for the clothes while you have before you decide to keep or return them. They ask you if you are “modest,” if you like “a touch of trend,” or if you are “adventurous” Then, same as Dia&Co., you fill out a survey, and they also have you attach a photo. With the clothes, they send you a little leaflet explaining all their choices in detail.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for making this info easy to find! Watch their video to see more about each of these box options and to see what Kristin got and kept from each box!



If you know of any other plus size clothing sub boxes or alternative boxes, please let us know, email We love feedback and suggestions and are always look for ways to improve!