We believe in #selfexpressionrevolution, the idea that everyone should be respected and allowed to express themselves regardless of their race, age, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, disability or style choices. This includes tattoo and piercing acceptance and inclusivity in the workplace.

If you're a business, support the #SELFEXPRESSIONREVOLUTION fashion show tour (coming late 2019) as a sponsor and/or get merch to represent that you don't discriminate. Proceeds from merchandise & the fashion shows will go towards SELF EMPOWERMENT REVOLUTION, a project that is filing for non-profit status and launching in 2019 with the goal of creating opportunities for individuals to follow their dreams, who wouldn't otherwise be able to. 

"One of our first projects will be: A business incubator that meets student housing meets transitional family housing with resources for each and a combination thereof met by careful assessment of needs and links with community resources. Our sliding scale intentional communities give individuals and families hand up, not a hand out and help otherwise resource poor individuals reach their goals independent of the system. We are also working on creating a collaborative event space in Los Angeles that will bring a number of alternative makers and vendors together, education and immersive alternative events."

"It'll be like Montparnasse in the 1920's in Paris in modern day Los Angeles" -Rachel Boese, CEO Belladonnas Cupboard LLC



Cosmetics Company spreads anti-beauty industry message of inclusion and body positivity.

On March 6th2015, at the Express Gallery during the popular First Friday Art Walk in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, MO, Belladonna’s Cupboard put on their own performance by the way of living artwork. They used their FX makeup line to turn living models into artwork with a message for the masses about body image, problems with the culture of slut shaming and self-expression through body modification and alternative cultures. The models each had elaborate makeup that served as a juxtaposition to the message that they were portraying. Each wore a sign around their clarifying the message and all had hair fascinators that read #selfexpressionrevolution.

 At the March 6th Art Walk, One model was carved head to toe (with FX makeup) with messages about body shaming and wore a sign discouraging size discrimination. A second model in skimpy clothing was made faceless with makeup. Her message was all about slut shaming. A third heavily tattooed model, in business clothing carried a message about discrimination against alternative styles in most workplaces. The host of the event, Kelsey Roberts was a true hero of the evening and a gracious host despite being very ill with a disabling chronic illness and had only been released from the hospital hours earlier. She carried a sign explaining to guests that normal is boring and while we may define ourselves by our differences but we shouldn’t define each other based on them. One of the most interesting occurrences of the night was how several of the models experienced some of the very things that they were rallying against. A woman came into the gallery and before she even got close enough to read the signs, went to tell the gallery manager that the girls were dressed inappropriately and like whores. A young man walked in and walked right past the girl representing fat shaming and over to the slut shaming and skinny shaming models and asked for a picture. While standing outside for a smoke break, the slut shaming model, Coralyn Martin experienced cat calling and when she moved her sign down a group of girls told her “Oh, I thought there would be boobs under the sign!.” Overall though, the models expressed happiness that the message was being perpetuated. More than the negative reactions from people which prove exactly why this movement is so important, there were a lot of people during the night who came up and thanked the models for doing this and shared stories about some of the worst names they have been called and how it still hurts like it was carved into their flesh, years later. 

.Model Erika Scarlette O’ Shea said afterwards “Other things I noticed as I stood on display with our message were people becoming moved to tears, rolling their eyes, purposely avoiding our gaze, and outright staring. Reactions came in all shapes and sizes. Most of the people who came up to us to thank us for the message were women, but a few men did too.”

“It’s cool to see a makeup company doing something to perpetuate body positivity and the message that all people are beautiful, that’s not normal for the beauty world.” Said model Krissi Atkisson

We believe in SELF EXPRESSION. You are not your job. Crazy hair, wild makeup and piercings should not dictate or limit employment and opportunities. We also believe in body freedom and freedom of personal choice. Slut shaming is wrong and so is discrimination based on gender and/or sexual orientation.  Everyone, regardless of age, size, style, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability deserves RESPECT. Do what you want. Be who you are. Join the revolution!