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CLOTHING (2 articles or a dress), ACCESSORY, JEWELRY & MAKEUP 

  • 1 Month at a time $100
  • 3 Months $275
  • 6 months $500 (That's getting an entire box free!)
  • 1 Year $900 (That's getting 3 boxes free!


  • 1 Month at a time $50
  • 3 Months $120
  • 6 Months $200 (That's getting 2 boxes free!)
  • 1 Year $400 (That's getting 4 boxes free!)

Some boxes contain more but none will contain less. All items are always cruelty free and vegan. The retail value of the core items for our largest box tier $100/MONTH (items we buy/our makeup included in the boxes, not including extra or samples) in said boxes (plus the aspect of getting items that you might not otherwise choose for yourself from different clothing companies from places around the world that still align with your style and preferences) and usually up to $150 but sometimes more. Self Expression Boxes are an affordable way to build up your wardrobe for less than you would pay retail. Every box is unique  because the products in them are hand selected based on the preferences you tell us when you sign up and we guarantee size and fit. Sizing is customized, we go off of the measurements you give us and compare those to the measurements our suppliers give us for their items since each brand has different standards for what each size is. All boxes contain makeup from Belladonna's Cupboard and other vetted and safe, vegan indie makeup lines. 

*If you order more than one month at a time, we will update the renewal date to reflect the proper timeframe during processing, you can also change your renewal date or cancel at any time after order to prevent rebilling, if you have any questions about billing or need help changing your billing dates, email us at contact@belladonnascupboard.com~~~All of your financial information is secure and encrypted by our payment processor, we can't see it, we can't change it, but we can change the renewal dates or cancel for you*

*If you have any questions about the boxes or our process of selection of items, please email us at contact@belladonnascupboard.com

*If you get 2 friends to sign up, email us and you will get a free box. You can also get your own affiliate code, email us at contact@belladonnascupboard.com to sign up*


How did Self Expression Revolution become a thing?
#SelfExpressionRevolution began on March 6th, 2014. Our makeup line, Belladonna’s Cupboard had installed a living art/social awareness piece at the Express Gallery in the crossroads neighborhood of Kansas City during first Fridays. We had four models, one each to represent four different problems that modern media and societal perceptions have brought to light. Skinny shaming, fat shaming, slut shaming and discriminations against alternative fashions, as well as the effects that sufferers of those prejudices can face in the workplace. Each held up a sign explaining why such judgements were unfair and each had Effects Makeup done to them, representing their own personal experiences with the topic. We carved, (with Makeup,) Insults that each of them had heard about themselves into their skin. The models said that it was very therapeutic for them, and almost immediately the greater Social experiment made itself known. A woman came in off the street to scold the management over one of our models, (Ironically, the “slut shaming model”,) for not wearing enough clothing. A gentlemen walked in to compliment the “skinny shaming model”, walking right past the “fat shaming model” who was doing the exact same thing without noticing her. Very quickly, we found people responding with exactly the behaviours we were trying to protest, underlining the issues themselves. Even so, many more people thanked both the models and us for making them think, pause or even just giving a voice to their own negative experiences. Self expression & Bodily Autonomy shouldn’t be revolutionary concepts but in 2017, it clearly still is. Everyone, regardless of race, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, size, disability or style deserves respect. Colored hair and tattoos do not impede one’s ability to do a job. That was the initial movement and hash tag. Now, we have created more than that under the umbrella that is Self Expression Revolution. A company whose sole purpose is to encourage self expression and bring together alternative indie brands that are socially conscious and inclusive, to further small businesses that share those values, and bring education and events surrounding those topics to as many people as possible.
Are all the items you carry vegan & cruelty free?
Yes! Always!
Where do you get the items in your boxes?
Unlike many subscription boxes, we pay for the items in our boxes. We buy from a number of sources. If you have a company that offers wholesale pricing and you think your products are a good fit for our themed boxes, email us at bitchboxes@belladonnascupboard.com We'd be happy to place a wholesale order. That is also why we don't give away free boxes to bloggers. If you run a blog or website with a sizable following and want to do an unboxing, we can send you a discount code. Email us at contact@belladonnascupboard.com
If you own a business and have a product that you think would be a good fit for our customers, email us at contact@belladonnascupboard.com Anything donated will be an extra item thrown in to offer a smaller company exposure. We don't ask businesses to donate product to us because every box contains different hand selected items. Any donated items will be an extra and go into all boxes to get your name in front of all our subscribers. We also accept coupons and promotional materials if they align with the theme of boxes.
How soon will I get my box? 
Normally: All boxes ship out around the middle to the end of the month following the month they were ordered in, (except for makeup boxes, those ship out within a week or 2). You will receive another email with a tracking number when your box ships out. The reason it takes us UP TO a little over a month to ship each box out is because, unlike many subscription boxes, we don't get items donated to us. We buy them wholesale from various retailers and clothing companies. We do this so we can offer extremely customized options and sizing so that we hope you end up with a better box that is more suited to your tastes in the end. 
*(2-3-2018) We are rebranding to better reflect our mission and upgrade what we offer so any orders placed in February & March will ship no sooner than April. This is a new launch, the more pre-orders we get, the larger wholesale orders we can get to start with and the higher quality and greater quantity of orders we can include* 

What is your refund policy?
We replace items in boxes due to sizing issues or if we screw up in some way. We guarantee satisfaction with makeup or body products and do not accept returns, but we offer replacements or refunds if something is damaged or just does not work for you. Our goal is always to do whatever we can to make you, the customer, happy. We will work with you however we can to resolve any potential issues.
Who runs this site: 
Belladonna's Cupboard (Rachel & Beth) Learn more about us personally here.