Rockabilly Box

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CHOOSE FROM WitchHouse, Vampire, Victorian, Corporate Goth, Steampunk, Pastel Goth, Rockabilly, & Eclectic!
Every box is unique because the products in them are hand selected based on the preferences you tell us when you sign up and we guarantee size and fit.
CLOTHING (2 articles or a dress), ACCESSORY, JEWELRY & MAKEUP
  •  1 Month at a time $100
  • 3 Months $275
  • 6 months $500 (That's getting an entire box free!)
  • 1 Year $900 (That's getting 3 boxes free!
  • 1 Month at a time $50
  • 3 Months $120
  • 6 Months $200 (That's getting 2 boxes free!)
  • 1 Year $400 (That's getting 4 boxes free!)
Some boxes contain more but none will contain less. All items are always cruelty free and vegan. The retail value of the core items for our largest box tier $100/MONTH
*If you get 2 friends to sign up, email us and you will get a free box. You can also get your own affiliate code, email us at to sign up*