The Baphomet Palette: ELECTRIFIED

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This is the 3rd & final version of this palette. This palette is an empty magnetic palette. During the pre-order period, this palette will be listed for a lower price & include 6 UV Pigments. 

The Theme of this palette is AWAKENING & ENLIGHTENMENT because, as with many things called "Satanic", the origin and meaning are not at all what popular culture would have one believe. We believe in learning from history, and using that to go forward and bettering ourselves as people.

"The image of Baphomet has graced everything from heavy metal albums to religious propaganda, and tends to be used as a symbol of evil. Yet Baphomet is a far, far more complex symbol. You’ve probably seen the image of Baphomet used as a stand-in for Satan, whether that’s by would-be Satanists or paranoid Christians. What you might not have learned, however, is how Baphomet has nothing to do with evil or Satanism as it is commonly understood, and actually has a much more profound history. Here, we reveal the full history of the icon. -Via Ultraculture"

*10% of the proceeds will be donated to Portland TST because they do all sorts of work to help with women's rights, access to STEM education for kids and other noble causes that we believe in supporting like LGBTQ advocacy. 



Logan Boese wearing tribal-esque skull face paint using our Belladonna's Cupboard BAPHOMET: Electrified palette. Some parts were painted wet and some dry. The other videos are wet swatches using the UV green. All three of those swatches were drawn after one swipe on the pigment with a wet brush. No double dipping and still so much color!




( The Baphomet Palette was planned to be one of the final launches we made using our old hand pressed methods. The empty palettes that we received from the manufacturer were not up to our specifications, and our attempts to solve the issue with vinyl labeling did not work under extreme humidity. We’ve been sending out replacements and refunds as you’ve asked and we will continue to do so. The newest batch of palettes feature a new design for greater durability. We sent out email updates at the end of August to customers who purchased this palette before the reformulation offering them the option of a black palette, a painted pink palette or one of the few remaining original palette style we had.)

The manufacturer for the pink palettes only sent us 200 out of the 500 we ordered, they were the wrong color and didn’t come with the artwork printed on them and a number of them came broken. After trying in vain to find another place, they all said it would take 3-4 months to get another 300 palettes so we gave up and changed the packaging. The email we sent out about the Baphomets was buried at the bottom of the other email updates we sent out and I realize now that was a mistake because a lot of people either didn’t receive the emails or didn’t read the whole thing if they did. The pans are the same size and it’s the same amount of product. All the colors are still Uv reactive, we just changed the formula of a couple of them so they would hold up better during shipping. The new packaging while not the aesthetic we were originally going for, are also more durable. Almost all of them from this batch have arrived unscathed, unfortunately the post office also likes to literally throw and stomp on packages and there’s nothing we can do to make them strong enough to survive that. We considered painting them pink ourselves, but ultimately decided to err on the side of getting the already delayed palettes out faster after most customers responded to us telling us that they were totally okay with the palettes being black.

 There is a specific pink & blue that is in both the Baphomet and Cthulhu palettes that, despite passing rigorous handling and travel tests, has had a tendency to break while shipping to some customers. This issue has been resolved with a new formulation that is much hardier and remains UV reactive. 


The original BAPHOMET PALETTE contained 12 UV REACTIVE/NEON/BLACKLIGHT COLORS showcased in a hot pink palette with artwork by ARTETAK (Kate Logan)

This is the first in a series of BAPHOMET-inspired palettes, each of which will feature not only a different theme, but history pertaining to the imagery. It's also the first of a few coffin shaped magnetic palettes we plan to release.